Handcrafted Amish Yarn Swift & Carrying Case -- Oak -- Magnetic Base

  • $110.00 USD

Each solid oak Amish swift is handcrafted at Cedar Hill Farm and is unique unto itself. Due to its one-of-a-kind magnetic ball bearing base (patent pending), the hardware, base, and arms are made specifically for each swift. There is no assembly-line construction involved with this beautiful piece whatsoever.

Each swift features a crystal knob with metallic hardware for ease of spinning, which prevents imbalance and wear of the arms over time. As well, each piece is finished with Tung Oil to ensure a beautiful and timeless finish. Unlike a polyurethane coating, which yellows and cracks over time with exposure to light and varying temperatures, the oil saturates the wood and allows it to expand or contract naturally according to the humidity of the room where it is located. To maintain it, simply re-apply Tung Oil once or twice a year, if necessary. The five (5) custom oak pegs are also finished with Tung Oil. Oil transferrence to fiber is highly unlikely.

Because of the interlocking construction of the design, the non-walking base eliminates the need for multiple pieces and hardware that can be lost over time. As well, the magnetic assembly keeps the arms from detaching from the base during use. Unassembled, this swift is extremely compact and can easily fit into its Elenture tote bag for storage.

This handcrafted swift is designed and built to last for generations of useful service. The only moving part is a magnetic steel ball bearing swivel mechanism inside the base. This magnetic part should last indefinitely.

Product dimensions: 3.5" (8.89 cm) square at base; 25" (63.6 cm) interlocking arms.


2 arms (28"/8.89 cm); oak base with magnetic assembly; 5 oak pegs; crystal knob; Elenture tote bag.