Glitter & Gingerbread -- Needle Cozy -- 7 inch

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This hand-sewn needle keeper is designed to protect the live stitches of your knitting projects, as well as both DPNs and circular knitting needles. This case will allow you to keep your DPNs in place while storing them between knitting sessions, but it also is ideal for storing your DPNs when not in use.  As a case for circular needles, this product allows you to snap the cable into place to prevent it from moving or becoming tangled in your project bag, while keeping your live stitches in place.

Each Needle Keeper is approximately 7" wide x 2.5" tall (17.5 cm x 6.5 cm) and features 3 sets of plastic KAM snaps that won't catch on your knitting. 100% cotton fabric has been used for the outer and inner fabrics, making this keeper completely washer and dryer safe.

This listing is for the needle keeper only and does not include any other items that may be included in the photograph, including DPNs. Lining and design pattern may vary.