Customer Rewards Program

Our Loyal Customers Deserve A Reward!

Here's how this program works: 

Everyone who has previously set up an account with Cedar Hill Farm Company at will automatically (upon your first visit after Dec. 1, 2015) receive 200 reward points to get the ball rolling.  Everyone who creates an account (beginning December 2, 2015) will also receive 200 reward points. After that, you earn 2 reward points for every $1 spent.  Each time you earn reward points, you will receive an email with your current total.  When your reward points reach any of the four reward levels, you will be notified by email and, if you choose to redeem your points, you will receive a coupon code that acts as an e-gift card.

The reward levels are:
250 points = $5 reward (taken off your total)
500 points = $10 reward (taken off your total)
750 points = $15 reward (taken off your total)
1000 points = $25 reward (taken off your total)

Click on the Yarn Points tab in the lower left corner of the page and create your account today! The next time you visit Cedar Hill Farm Company, simply log in to your account and your points will be activated! Each time you shop, the automated system will add to and update your points, then notify you of the new total.

Reward points will not expire and will be credited to your account even if you use a promotional sale code, like free shipping or a percent discount toward your total. You will not, however, be able to use your reward points redemption code in association with a second discount code.