Custom Orders

Cedar Hill Farm Company offers the unique option of custom dyeing to our customers.  Have a favorite dress and want to make a matching shawl but can't find the color(s) that you need?  Want to make a pair of socks in your team's colors?Looking for a unique colorway to make that special gift for a loved one?    

I've been custom dyeing yarn for customers since 2010 and every customer has been over the moon with the results. I've seen some spectacular finished products that began with the question "Can you dye yarn in this color?"  Just shoot me an email with a picture or a link to whatever it is that you are trying to color match, and I will work with you to develop that color or colorway to your satisfaction using any of the yarn bases that we stock.  Additionally, since we can't offer every yarn base on the international market, if there is a particular fiber combination that we don't offer, we will do our best to find it and dye it for you.

Send your custom order requests to this address: