Purchasing Suggestions

** It is recommended that you purchase all of the yarn that you will need in a given colorway at the same time. Noticeable variations may occur between dye lots. If we don't have enough in stock. please contact us an we will do a custom order at no extra charge.

** We offer you the ability to change the currency type that's displayed beneath our listings. Simply click on your currency of choice at the top left of the page. We are only able to display purchase pricing on the final checkout screen in USD.

Shop Through Social Media

If you see a product on Instagram and you want to check it out on your phone or tablet out without having to open a web browser? We've recently integrated our Instagram account to give you the option to buy straight from our Instagram posts. Simply visit our profile page on Instagram (@cedarhillyarns) or bookmark this address into your browser to see what we're sharing 24/7:

Did you know ... ?

** Cedar Hill Farm Co. raises its own sheep, processes it, dyes it, and sells it directly to the public. Our 2016 farm-raised Single Sheep yarn is back from the mill and is ready to go home with you today!  

** You can place an order for yarn in custom colors and colorways?  We will be happy to create custom colorways based on your own photos. Click on the contact link below and we'll get the ball rolling!

** Cedar Hill Farm Co. offers wholesale prices to LYS owners. Contact us today for event-specific colorways, samples, and stockist information.

In the News

Did you know that Cedar Hill Farm Company's Rocket Sock base was featured in the 2016 Spring/Summer issue of Knit Edge Magazine (Cooperative Press) as well as Keya's Arboretum shawl pattern appearing there?  You can also find Keya's apparel designs in Knit Picks' 2013 Bulky Collection, 2015 Spring Accessories Collection, and 2015 Golden Morning (cover feature). 

In 2017, you can look forward to the release of an accessories e-book for women and men, alike.

Customer Rewards Program


HERE'S HOW THIS WORKS: Customers who have previously set up an account with Cedar Hill Farm Co. will automatically (with your first account log in after 12/2015) receive 200 reward points to get the ball rolling.  Everyone who creates an account after December 2, 2015 will also receive 200 reward points. After that, you earn 2 reward points for every $1 spent. Create an account to get started today!